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History was made once again in the life of Methodist Church Nigeria when the entire leadership of the Church was conveyed in an Emergency Conference in Williams Memorial Methodist Cathedral Ago-Ijaiye Ebute-Meta Lagos in the Diocese of Lagos Central under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, elected His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Kanu Uche, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Enugu as the third Prelate and sixth head of Methodist Church Nigeria.

The Most Rev. (Dr.) Samuel Chukwuemeka Kanu Uche was born to Evangelist Thompson Kanu and Nneoma Janet Ebere Uche of Amagu Autonomous Community, Ihube Okigwe on 29th January 1953 at General Hospital Okigwe in Imo State Nigeria.

He attended Local Authority School (LA) Eziama Nneato(1959), Nneato Central School Ebelebe  (Methodist) (1960), Amuda Isuochi Group School (1961 – 1962) and Isuochi Central School Nkwoagu (Methodist) (1963 - 1965). He further attended Boy’s High School Ihube, Okigwe former Methodist Boy’s Secondary School (1970 –1974).

He was trained a Methodist Minister at Trinity Union Theological College Umuahia (1976 – 1979). He obtained his Bachelor Degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration from University of Jos (1994 – 1999) and (2010 – 2011) respectively. He participated in many National and International Conferences, Workshops and Seminars and presented papers.

He holds First Leaving School Certificate  with Distinction  (1965), West African School Certificate Grade 2 (1974), Diploma in Religious Studies/Diploma in Theology Distinction (1979), Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education (1999), Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (2001) and Doctorate Award, Doctor of Theology (Honoris Causa) by Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, USA.

He served the Church as Ministerial Cadet (1975/1976).  He was accepted into the Ministry of the Church in 1976, commissioned a Deacon in 1979, ordained a Priest in 1982, appointed a Presbyter in 1990, elected a Bishop at 1998 Conference held in Ode Aye in the Diocese of Igbobini in August 1998.  He was consecrated Bishop at the Methodist Church of the Trinity Tinubu, Lagos on 21st November 1998.  He was enthroned Bishop of Owerri on 14th February 1999, elected Archbishop of Enugu on Aug. 15, 2009, Invested at the Methodist Church of the Trinity, Tinubu, Lagos in November 2009 and was enthroned as Archbishop of Enugu on 31st January 2010.

He served at Aba (1979-1981) and Umuokpara (1981-1984) in the Diocese of Umuahia, Amechi Section (1985-1989) and Ngbo Section Abakaliki (Jan-March1990) in the Diocese of Enugu. He was the Presbyter of Kano Circuit (March 30th, 1990-Oct, 1998) where God used him to bring peace among Methodist people in the Northern Diocese and killed Tribal Differences. He was also instrumental in laying the foundation for the creation of the Dioceses of Kano and Jos as he also served as the Synod Secretary of the Diocese of the North (1991-1998).  While he served in the Diocese of Owerri, he transformed the Diocese from obscurity to prominence and was part of the vision for the creation of Umuahia East and West Dioceses under Late Most Rev. Dr. R. O. Uwadi in 2008. As the Archbishop of Enugu he brought about aggressive Spiritual and Structural transformation of the Diocese of Enugu.

Most Rev. (Dr.) S. C. K. Uche was the Treasurer, Christian Association of Nigeria Kano State (1991-1994), Chairman Kano State Christian Welfare Agency (1991-1995), Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria, Kano State with 47 Local Government Chapters (1994-1997), Member of Nine Man Committee for the Imo State Civil Service Salary Structure (1999), Member Imo State Secondary Education Management Board (2001-2003), Member Board of Trustees, OWERRI CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (2004 Till Date), Member of the Transition Committee under Chief Ikedi Ohakim (2007), Member, Imo State Council on Vision 20:20:20 (2009), and Grand Patron Anti Corruption Volunteers Corps (ICPC) Imo State (2008-2011 till date).

He also served other Christian Groups as Patron, Scripture Union, Owerri Area (2000-2005), Patron Nigeria Fellowship of Christian Students (2000-2009) Area Patron of S.U. Imo State (2003-2008), Grand Patron, Methodist Campus Fellowship of AICE, FUTO, IMSU (2002-2009) and Member, Enugu State Mediation Committee on Minimum Wage (2011).

Most Rev. (Dr.) S. C. K. Uche is married to Florence Nnenna Uche and the marriage is blessed with children, he enjoys Reading, Preaching, Praying and Teaching.

This is the beginning of a new dawn in Methodist Church Nigeria as a man of great intellect, kind hearted, industrious, prayerful and hospitable takes up the mantle of leadership of the Church.

The Church further elected two (2) Bishops, elected seven (7) Archbishops and translated few Archbishops and Bishops.  The following is the summary of the elections and translations.

Bishops Elect

  1. Very Rev. Dennis Mark                  -      Bishop Elect of Owerri
  2. Very Rev. Daniel Ochonu Agbese   -      Bishop of Enone

Archbishops Elect

  1. Rt. Rev. A. C. Okenwa            -       Archbishop of Aba
  2. Rt. Rev. Chimezuo Nwankpa    -       Archbishop of P/Harcourt
  3. Rt. Rev. Chris N. Ede               -       Archbishop of Enugu
  4. Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Udofia        -       Archbishop of Uyo
  5. Rt. Rev. Oliver Aba                  -       Archbishop of Benue
  6. Rt. Rev. Sunday Idoko             -       Archbishop of Kaduna
  7. Rt. Rev. A. A. Akindeko           -       Archbishop of Igbobini


  1. Most Rev. Joseph Oche Job   -       Archbishop of Abuja
  2. Rt. Rev. O. O. Agbai              -       Bishop of Isuikwuato
  3. Rt. Rev. John Koko-Bassey    -       Bishop of Essien Udim
  4. Rt. Rev. Peter Otohotoho       -       Bishop of Ikot Abasi
  5. Rt. Rev. A. O. Ajiboye           -       Bishop of Agodi
  6. Rt. Rev. B. A. Taiwo              -       Bishop of Edo Delta
  7. Rt. Rev. O. B. Adeleye           -       Bishop of Kwara
  8. Rt. Rev. Michael Akinwale      -       Bishop of Remo
  9. Rt. Rev. O. O. Babalola          -       Bishop of Tinubu
  10. Rt. Rev. Isaac Olawuyi           -       Bishop of Lagos Mainland
  11. Rt. Rev. S. O. Ogunlere         -       Bishop of Lagos West

Very Rev. Ken Egbochue

Assistant Director, Administration

Methodist Church Nigeria

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Love your neighbour as yourself – Matt. 19:19b.

The homeless amongst us have no one to take care of their day-to-day needs.  In line with the biblical mandate, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide homes to the homeless, to build and support orphanages.  For 170 years, Methodist Church Nigeria has done this and till Christ returns, we will continue carrying this touch of love.

The Touch of Salvation

...Unless a man is born again he cannot see the kingdom of heaven – John 3:3.

Since 1842 when the first Methodist Missionary landed on the shores of Nigeria as the first Christian denomination, the biblical message of Christian Perfection has been preached without ceasing, lighting the path of men with holiness.  Like in the days of old, modern day missionaries keep the torch of salvation shinning bright to the glory God.

The Torch of Enlightenment

For the Lord grant wisdom. From His mouth comes knowledge and understanding – Prov. 2:6.

Christianity championed Western Education, a veritable tool which lighted our world and freed us from the shackles of illiteracy.  From day one, the Methodist Church Nigeria built schools, a lot of which still exist today to increase man’s capacity for learning and self reliance.  Our numerous ex-students in various leadership positions in their chosen fields are testaments to the torch of enlightenment which we have been bearing for generations.

The Torch of Reformation

He gave his life to … cleanse us and make us his very own people, totally committed to doing good deeds. – Titus 2:14.

Since the Church cannot exist without the society; we have constantly taken it upon ourselves to improve the society as we know it.  Various community development projects situated all over the nation attest to this noble task, our practical way of carrying the torch of reformation year – in, year-out.

The Torch of Liberation

... and he healed all the sick. – Matt. 8:16.

The healthy man is a good asset to himself and the nation.  We recognize this, that is why we have built and maintained various health centres, including lepers’ colonies, all around the nation.  By His grace, the light will never grow dim as we help in building healthier body and minds.

The Torch of Hope

... the scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled. – Romans 15:4.

In the Methodist Church, we know hope dies when help tarries for too long.  In order to keep hope alive and brace them for the future, we have made ourselves a source of help to various kinds of disabled and disadvantages people, providing them with necessary assistance that light up their days and keep them in high spirits.  It is our little way of remaining bearers of the torch of hope just like the forebears of the Church were.


September 2014

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